JMG Publicist offers a wide range of subscription plans and services to cater to all clients, whether it’s for small business or major entertainment distribution. Our suite of options can help get your message out to key outlets in the broadcast, radio and print sectors, and our packages start at just $1,495!

All media/publicity work, including writing, correspondence, distribution and follow-up will be handled through JMG Publicist, and will include online and physical media kit distribution to various media outlets.

Our services are comprised of tiered distribution options, including:

Tier 1 – Local: Your press release will reach news outlets (both daily and community newspapers), radio and television stations across the Greater Toronto Area.

Tier 2 – Regional: This includes all of the benefits of the Tier 1 package, and includes distribution of your release to major media outlets (including newspapers, radio and television stations) across Ontario.

Tier 3 – National: This includes all of the benefits of the Tier 1 and 2 packages, as well as optional distribution to major Canadian magazines. Your release will be sent to major daily and weekly newspapers, radio and television stations using high-profile channels including Marketwire, Canada Newswire, Associated Press and Thomson Reuters. Reach hundreds of news outlets across the country in a flash!

Tier 4 – U.S./International: The premier choice for release distribution, this package includes all the benefits of the Tier 1, 2 and 3 packages, and includes online distribution through Canada Newswire, Marketwire, Thomson Reuters, Associated Press and more! Reach top media outlets, premiere magazines and major radio/television stations across North America with this package, which also includes news aggregator, social media and search engine distribution.

The Entertainer’s Package – The perfect package for performers, actors, musicians and key figures in the entertainment industry, this package will include release distribution to key arts and entertainment media outlets, with a focus on promotion and awareness.

Custom Tailored Specialty Press Release Package - Get your message across with a high-impact release tailored to your specifications! Does your press release lack that certain “spark”? Do you want to convey your message more effectively? Have too many words – and not enough to say? We will work with you to help get your press release on track – the right way!

Social Media Services – Not sure how to promote your business online? JMG Publicist offers several social media services for clients looking to enhance their personal or business profile! We will assess your social media needs and help you reach new clients with a suite of services, including social media monitoring, profile creation, search engine optimization (SEO), social distribution services and much more!

JMG Digital Studios – Whether it’s a simple web design or a complex multimedia package, JMG Digital Studios can help fulfill your web needs and make your online image pop! Choose from a wide selection of services ranging from website construction and maintenance, logos and signs, multimedia presentations and much more!

JMG Images (Coming Soon) – See your face in the spotlight with JMG Images, a new imagewire service offering unparalleled quality and value for entertainment professionals and models looking to get the “star treatment”. Augment your press release package with a publicity photo or studio-quality photoshoot for maximum exposure and promotion!

JMG Publicist uses premier newswire services to engage preferred media outlets and ensure that your message is delivered to key demographics. We offer single release, three-pack release and subscription plans for easy access and distribution. Choose the package you want – and get the results you need!

For more information on any of our services, please use the contact us page to get in touch with a JMG Publicist representative or simply call 905-274-4200.

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